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May 21, 2022

Our story

Boy swipes right. Girl swipes right. It was a modern romance.

Zachary asked Olivia out on a date to Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia. He made reservations to The Mercury restaurant (Reservations! She was very impressed- the bar was very, very low).


Olivia felt like she had known Zachary for years- he was so easy to talk to and they had so much in common, and she felt comfortable enough with him to talk non-stop about American history. (Seriously. She would not shut up. Like, the restaurant closed and they were those annoying people that would not leave so the manager had to kick them out).


But Olivia didn't want the date to end, so she asked Zachary if he wanted to go to a local Speakeasy called Ormsbys. Apparently Zachary was not phased by the nerdy, awkward Olivia because he agreed. While sipping on an old fashioned, they played darts with two Georgia Tech students. The students asked how long Zachary and Olivia had been dating. And Zachary said "actually, this is our first date." The students were surprised, because they thought they had been dating for years.

Finally, after hours of laughing and playing bowling, mini golf, darts, and pool, the speakeasy was closing for the night. Zachary gave Olivia his coat to keep her warm while she waited for her Uber. In a moment of drowsy honesty, Olivia looked at Zachary and said: "why are you so good to me?"

And she's been asking herself that everyday ever since.

Our Story
Olivia & Zachary
Olivia & Zachary
May 21, 2022, 6:00 PM CDT
Beach House,
21809 Front Beach Rd, Panama City, FL 32413, USA


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